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This is a CheckRate verified website and has thus demonstrated through various financial disciplines to be a credit worthy business as indicated. The credit rating of this business is monitored daily and is verified for your protection any changes either positive or negative are reflected in the credit score displayed in real time.

Research indicates sites with positive credit ratings offer a more financially stable commercial experience like those earning the CheckRate certification.

    05858335 (Registration Number)
    Sheffield South Yorkshire S35 2XH
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CheckRate verified credit score indications helps to produce accuracy and trust in business intelligence. In the current climate its perceived value going far beyond self reported data, our data sources integrate trade credit history, financial payment history, business demographics and organizational insight. Access to this information sheds light on creditworthiness, business viability, helping to avoid potential problematic situations.

The information is intended to be an indication of creditworthiness and cannot and does not offer a guarantee of protection from fraud or other financial risk it does show however that this company exists and is registered and is in the expert opinion of our data partners, Dun & Bradstreet and CreditSafe, operating on sound fiscal guidelines.

Whilst CheckRate and its associated businesses make reasonable effort to ensure its certification service functions properly it cannot and does not make any claim or warranty of any kind whatsoever about the accuracy or usefulness of any information provided herein by using this information you agree that CheckRate and its associated businesses and data partners be held harmless in any event.

Full details can be found at www.checkrate.co.uk